Energy Retail
Your Local Stewards  

If in need of assistance or advice the first person to contact is your local Steward. Contact the Steward to discuss your issues or to ask for help. You are entitled to this support so always use it. Never attend any disciplinary, sickness or grievance without speaking to your Steward and ensuring they are at the meeting with you. Even if it is just to ensure you know what will happen at a meeting, seek advice. If in doubt, ask.

Energy Networks Stewards:

Tony Grieve - Tel. 01698 499109 Internal (757 6000)
Callum Robertson - Tel. 0131 272 4273 (Internal 770 4273)
Alan Caldwell - Tel. 0141 614 0207 (Internal 744 0207)

Energy Wholesale Steward:

Brian Geraghty - Tel. 01259 730631 (Internal 723 3616)

IBM Stewards:

Elaine Duffy - Tel. 01355 35 2661
Graham Carswell
James Crossan
Paul McCormick
John Reid 

Send an e-mail via the internal mail system or contact Elaine Duffy