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Step up for Equal Marriage  


A message from Tom French- Policy Coordinator Equality Network

On 5th February MPs voted by an overwhelming majority of 225 to support same-sex marriage in England and Wales. 

Today, we need you to step up your support for equal marriage in Scotland.

There are FIVE simple things you can do to support the campaign today:

      1) Respond to the *new* consultation on the draft equal marriage bill:

      2) Send a message of support to your MSP:

      3) Sign the petition: 

      4) Donate to the campaign: 

      5) Encourage your friends to support the campaign:

The Equality Network launched 'Equal Marriage', the UK's first major campaign for same-sex marriage, in 2008. We've come a long way in the past five years, and equal marriage for Scotland is now in sight, but we need your help to jump the final hurdle.

In the last few days opponents of same-sex marriage have upped their game

On Sunday, Scotland for Marriage announced they are spending tens of thousands more on their campaign against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equality.

They have delivered 250,000 leaflets like this to homes across Scotland:

They are contacting every MSP to secure major changes to the law that would reintroduce the homophobic Section 28 through the back door and roll back the progress made towards equality.

We know you've done a lot for the campaign already, but now more than ever before we really need everyone on board to step up the fight for equal marriage.

Take action to support Equal Marriage here