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UNISON supports the Equal Marriage proposal - click here to find out more and how you can help the campaign.


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LGBT Members  

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workers still face harassment and discrimination. Despite all efforts homophobia can still be a problem faced by many LGBT Members.

It can be hard to deal with on your own.As a UNISON member you have a voice in one of the UK’s largest unions which is committed to working for LGBT rights. If you need assistance or advice you can contact UNISON in confidence. You can contact Elaine Duffy, the LGBT Officer or the Branch Secretary Willie Docherty by e-mail or you can call UNISONdirect on 0845 355 0845.

Scottish LGBT Committee AGM

The meeting will be held on 13th October 2012 at 10am in Glasgow. To see the calling notice click here. If you are interested in attending please contact Elaine Duffy or contact the Branch.

Update here from Equality Network - see here

UPDATE - Support Equal Marriage

You may have noticed the article in Scotland on Sunday at the weekend that the majority of MSPs have pledged to vote for equal marriage if legislation is proposed in the Scottish Parliament. See the full story here

UPDATE - Beware the Propaganda against Equality - see here

An urgent message from Equality Network about the consultation is here

Marriage Equality Consultation

The Scottish Government have just launched their consultation on marriage equality, and say that their initial view is to support the introduction of same-sex marriage.

The consultation paper can be found here

The consultation paper points out (paragraphs 3.14 – 3.18) that the current proposal in England appears to be to allow only civil same sex marriages, conducted by registrars, and not to allow any religious body to conduct same sex marriages. The consultation paper asks whether that is OK for Scotland, or whether (paragraph 3.19) those religious bodies that wish to conduct same sex marriages should be allowed to do so.

UNISON supports the latter option, so that bodies that want to conduct same sex marriages, such as the Metropolitan Community Church, the Unitarians,the Quakers, the Liberal Jews, the Pagan Federation, and last but certainly not least, the Humanists, can do so.

A message from UNISON LGBT Members can be found here


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